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About smp

Hair loss can be devastating to one's self esteem and well being.   Androgenic Alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness (MPB) is the most common type of hair loss which affects most people by the age of 50.  It usually starts in the late twenties or early thirties and for most people is noticeable by the late thirties.


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a permanent solution for hair loss.  SMP is today's most popular solution for those suffering from hair loss, balding and scars on the scalp because there is no down time, the results are instant and no drugs or medications are required. 

Scalp Micropigmentation for Shaved Head Look
Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Density

Thinning hair

SMP will add density to create the appearance of a full head of hair. You will not be required to shave your head for this procedure.

Significant hair loss

SMP will mimic hair follicles to create the appearance of a full head of hair.


We will work together to create an age-appropriate hairline that is suitable to you. This is a joint effort between us to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied.  For most people in this situation, the preference is to go with a shaved look so you would be required to shave your head for this procedure.


Very professional and amazing artist. Good SMP requires a lot experience and hard work which you will both get at Winnipeg SMP. I am very satisfied with the results. I trusted her with the SMP process. This is my first time and I am 100% satisfied with outcome. Exceptional service, Tammy will never rush and always make sure that client is satisfied with the service. Thats what we need, satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to contact her for your needs. - Garry

One of the best decisions I ever made was to get SMP.  I have worn a ball cap for years because I was so insecure about my hairline.  The procedure was flawless and Tammy was so professional and helped to ease any concerns I had.  The results are amazing and this has completely restored my confidence.  My only regret is not getting it done sooner. - Jim

Unfortunately I have experienced a lot of hair loss over the years.  I was considering a hair transplant but was referred to Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation as the doctor felt it was a better option. When Tammy showed me the results in the mirror I became so emotional and shed a few tears.  I am so gratefful and cannot thank Tammy enough.  - Kim

Very pleased with the entire process of SMP. Tammy is very knowledgeable & professional and has an exceptional clinic where she works with her clients. From my initial consultation with Tammy, she was very specific in outlining the SMP process and the components involving all aspects of the treatment(s). I always felt very comfortable with questions & concerns.
Would highly recommend Tammy, so very pleased with my results. - Patti

After doing a lot of research on hair loss I decided the best option for me was scalp micropigmentation.  I came across Tammy's website and could not be happier.  The procedure was straight forward and painless.  The results are better than I could have ever hoped for.  - Edwin

I had significant scars on the back of my head from a childhood accident.  I spent all my life repeatedly having to explain to people what happened.  Now the scars are almost unnoticeable and nobody has asked me about them since.  Highly recommend going to see Tammy. - Phil 

Thank you so much Tammy!!! I really appreciate our talks and most importantly, your professionalism in your job. I really appreciate all the time and effort you did and still manage to have that beautiful smile after every procedure done which was Amaaaazing
🤩 🤩🤩 btw. Will definitely come back to have SMP again with you! Thank you!!! - LG

Like several others I was very insecure about my hairline.  I learned about scalp micopigmentation and after speaking with Tammy I felt confident to go through with the procedure.  All I can say is Tammy exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with my decision.  Tammy really listened to what I wanted and the results are perfect.  My family is amazed at how natural it looks.  I wish I learned about SMP earlier.   - Colin

I have female balding and was feeling completely self conscious about my hair loss. I was given an opportunity to see Tammy and it was literally life changing. I felt confident again and loved how you couldn't notice as much. Best thing I did for myself! Tammy is super professional and ensured I was comfortable through my whole experience. Would highly recommend her! Thanks Tammy for changing my life for the better! - Sandy

I am so happy with the results of SMP with Tammy. In the privacy of her beautiful clinic, she was able to offer 5 star service throughout this procedure. Everything from cleanliness, details of pre and post care, products used, and personality..... Tammy is wonderful! This procedure is relatively pain free and has given me the self confidence I was lacking with hair loss. I highly recommend Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation. Nadia

Tammy was so patient and such a pleasure to be around.  The studio is breathtaking and I could not be happier with the results.  I highly recommend Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation for anyone with any hair loss concerns.  - Rochelle

Tammy is fantastic.  She is incredibly professional, friendly and made me feel great about the decision to get SMP.  I was quite emotional when I saw the results.  I cannot thank Tammy enough. - Jillian

I have just completed my third session for hair density.  Tammy went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable with the decision and involved me every step of the way.  She was not kidding when she said we will make sure the results are exactly what you want.  Thank you so much Tammy. - Jennifer

Although I was a little apprehensive about what to expect I can honestly say the results exceeded all of my expectations.  Tammy walked me through the entire process during the consultation and answered all of my questions.  Her knowledge put me at ease and I knew I was in good hands.  - Barb

Tammy is an amazing person and made me feel very comfortable. Her knowledge and attention to detail made the procedure flawless.  I would highly recommend anybody struggling with thinning hair to come to Tammy and you will not be disappointed. - Christine

I was incredibly nervous but Tammy made me feel very comfortable.  The studio is clean, private and Tammy is fantastic.  I have had progressive thinning for years and with the hair density procedure my hair looks so thick.  Highly recommend. - Thomas

Great service, and great results from a great person. Tammy is kind and listened to all of my wants and potential concerns. She explained everything very well and made me feel at ease with moving forward with the procedure. I’m 100% satisfied with the smp I received and wish I had gone to see her earlier. - Mike

Tammy is amazing. Her work is magical. It takes a lot of work and she is very hard working. I am very satisfied with the results and my hair line is exactly the way I wanted it to be. It grew my confidence. I had scars of hair transplant surgery, which is well covered with micropigmentation. Every session shows great results. I would highly recommend her to everyone. It's worth every penny.
THANK YOU TAMMY. You're truly an artist. - Amritpal

Tammy was fantastic. She made me feel comfortable when I was nervous about the whole thing. She explained everything in detail and made sure I had an understanding of the treatment and post care. I definitely feel a lot more like myself, and super glad I went with this. Thanks again so much Tammy! - Jonathan

I had a wonderful experience during my SMP treatment. Tammy is really friendly and skillful in SMP. I am seeing tremendous difference after treatment of my FUE scars. Thanks Tammy. - Kushaldeep

Tammy is Amazing. Very professional workplace setting. Tammy really knows what she is doing. I was very happy with my results. Highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed. She is the best! - Thank you Tammy!! - Deep

Awesome experience with Tammy! Very informative and professional. 5 stars. - JR

Amazing service! Tammy is wonderful, gentle and easy to talk to
Environment is super comfortable
Just finished my final treatment and can’t wait to enjoy this new look with more confidence. Thank you Tammy!! - Sophia

Very easy-going experience! 3 to 4 hours felt like one! I love the results. - Daniel

Wonderful Experience!
From the moment you enter the well lit, clean, crisp and beautifully decorated treatment room; you know you're in good hands..
Tammy is down to earth, genuine and a true professional.
She is well versed in SMP and it shows through her work.
I am very happy with the results..anyone considering SMP should definitely see Tammy. It will honestly change your outlook and you will be aesthetically pleased. - FP

Amazing work. A truly life changing service she is providing. Thank you! - Phil

Couldn’t have picked a better place to get what I needed done. Very professional and super great to work with. Answered any questions I had at anytime and also checked in on me. Amazing experience all around. Highly recommended to anyone. - Daved

Tammy is a wonderful artist, she made me comfortable and regain back my confidence. - John

I am very satisfied with my first Scalp Micropigmentation at this place. Tammy is a very fantastic artist. She was willing to give me a lot helpful advise and helped me to change my life totally. I have more confidence in my apperance without hat now. - Minh

Was in Calgary when I found out about SMP, got interested and Google it if anyone in Winnipeg doing it and Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation shows on my searched and no hesitations request a call back. Same day I received a call back and was talking to Tammy. I was so excited just talking to her a requested a consultation asap. Met her and right away no second thought I decided to do it. I am 100% satisfied with the outcome and I highly recommend her if you decide to have SMP. You will deal with professional and very knowledgeable person about SMP, and not to mention a very clean welcoming place. - Oliver

Very satisfied with the treatment. Had 3 sessions and the results are really good. I really do recommend this. - Srujan

Good place to have FUE scar addressed. High Quality Natural Ink and previous experience in Hair Transplant Clinic. Professional service I’d recommend. - Reese

I am so happy with the results of SMP with Tammy. In the privacy of her beautiful home clinic, she was able to offer 5 star service throughout this procedure. Everything from cleanliness, details of pre and post care, products used, and personality…..Tammy is wonderful! This procedure is relatively pain free and has given me the self confidence I was lacking with hair loss. I highly recommend Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation. - Nadia

I had a wonderful experience with Tammy at Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation. She is so talented and easy to talk to. She provides very clear after care information and is always available when you have questions. Having SMP has completely changed how I view my hair and boosted my confidence so much. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone dealing with thinning hair! - Alix

I got Scalp Micropigmintation with Tammy, and she is wonderful. She is very patient, listened to my concerns and is very skilled in what she does. She is very gentle, and it was painless. I highly recommend. - Alex V.

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