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  • What is scalp micropigmentation?
    Scalp Micropigmentation, more commonly known as SMP, is not just a regular hair tattoo but rather a specialized process by which tiny deposits of pigment are mapped out and positioned within the dermal layer of the scalp. When applied by a skilled artist, these pigment deposits replicate the look of real shaven hair and will add the appearance of density to longer hair.
  • What to expect during the consultation?
    The consultation is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and to get a better understanding of the procedure and its potential results. Assesssment: We will assess your scalp to help to determine the best course of action for the scalp micropigmentation procedure. Discussion of expectations: We will discuss your expectations for the procedure, including the desired end result and any questions or concerns you may have. Cost: You will be providing a quotation for services which expires after 3 months. Procedure explanation: We will explain the procedure in detail, including the process, the pigments used and the aftercare involved.
  • Why choose Winnipeg Scalp Micropigmentation?
    Experience I have extensive experience in scalp micropigmentation as I have had the privelege of performing 100's of scalp micropigmentation procedures. I am fortunate to have worked in the cosmetic tattoo and esthetics industry for over 20 years. I had the pleasure of being personally trained by award winning scalp micropigmentation artist Billy DeCola. I am a perfectionist and detail oriented. I am constantly upgrading my education and experience to learn new skills and stay on top of current trends and technology in the field. The studio is licensed and insured. All of my training and certificates are up to date. Privacy The private studio is located in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. You will have my undivided attention as all appointments are one on one. Results I take pride to ensure you will be 100% satisfied with the results. During our consultation, I will get a clear understanding of your desired hair goals to ensure you receive exactly what you want.
  • What is the Scalp Micropigmentation aftercare?
    SMP AFTERCARE It is the client’s responsibility to care for and heal their treatment area for the best possible results. Failure to follow instructions could result in a poorly healed procedure. The next 10 days - Do Not pick, scratch or rub SMP area - No heavy sweating - Do Not comb, brush, shave, cut or color hair - No swimming, hot tubs or saunas First 3 Days: - No hat or headwear first 24 hours - No water or washing of the scalp whatsoever ( use shower caps) - No sweating or working out heavy - No hair products or makeup Days 4 - 9: - You may use warm WATER to rinse your head (no shampoo), pat dry or blow-dry with cool air - Apply a thin layer of Ointment to SMP area, patting motion (do not rub) once a day or as needed - You may sweat lightly, pat dry periodically to avoid sweat pooling ( use paper towel ) Day 10: - You may use shampoo to wash your head as normal ( without finger nails) - You may shave head ( with electric shaver) - You may get a haircut or color hair after 14 days ***At any time, you can use the Vitamin A & D Ointment or Coconut Oil if you feel itchy or dry. After day fourteen your scalp will be fully healed, you should protect your scalp from direct sunlight by wearing a hat, or applying sunscreen. Mattifying (anti-shine) moisturizer and Matte hair products are recommended
  • How long does scalp micropigmentation last?
    The pigment will never change colour. We use a carbon based pigment which contains no blue or green undertones. Longevity of your SMP depends on a few variables, such as adhering to SMP aftercare, long-term care, dryness of the scalp and exposure to the sun. On average your SMP should last between 3-6 years before a touch up may be necessary. Some individuals find that the results last longer.
  • Tell me about the technology used.
    The pigments we use are vegan and absolutely non-toxic. We only utilize single use, disposable needle cartridges, grips and set up trays to ensure a completely sterile procedure. The needles we use are the smallest on the market and the same size as a hair follicle which makes it nearly impossible for the naked eye to see the difference between the follicle created from SMP and a real hair follicle.
  • Do I need to shave my head for the procedure?
    Everyones situation is unique. During your consultation, we will review your goals and recommend a hair length that will best suit you for the procedure while balancing that with your comfort both short and long term. Depending on the desired procedure, there may not be any change to your hair length required.
  • How long is each session?
    Each session will be approximately two to four hours. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and have sufficient time blocked off in your day.
  • What to expect after the procedure?
    You may notice some mild redness on your scalp and the pigment will appear darker for the first few days after the procedure. The colour will fade to your desired hair follicle color after a few days while your scalp heals. Recovery time varies but on average the scalp will be fully healed in seven to ten days.
  • How many sessions are required?
    Depending on the procedure, you will need two to three sessions and this will vary depending on the procedure being done. For example most scar concealment procedures are completed over two sessions while all other procedures will likely require three sessions.
  • How many days am I required to wait between sessions?
    Since it takes approximately seven to days days for the scalp to heal, we typically schedule sessions two weeks apart.
  • Does scalp micropigmentation hurt?
    Some describe the procedure as mildly uncomfortable while others experience no pain at all. We can apply numbing cream with lidocaine to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Safety, Comfort and Privacy?"
    Safety We have made several changes to ensure we go over and above the minimum public health guidelines established for personal services and body modification in Manitoba. The studio is cleaned and sterilized after every client. Needle cartridges and grips are single use. Three stage air filtration system installed. I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (including booster dose) Comfort and Privacy Our private studio is located in a residential neighborhood. We operate by appointment only so you can expect my undivided attention during your consultation and SMP procedure.
  • Does my hair colour matter?
    It most definitely does. We have pigment to match almost any hair follicle.
  • What is the difference between Permanent and Semi-Permanent?
    The duration of permanent and semi-permanent depends on the pigment used and the depth of the needle penetrating during the procedure. Skin types and aftercare are also determining factors in achieving lasting results. During your consultation, we will discuss all of the details and options that best suit you. It is important to follow aftercare iinstructions to achieve optimal results.
  • Why SMP vs Hair Transplant?
    SMP is an exciting alternative to traditional hair transplant procedures and you will receive guaranteed results tailored to your individual needs. Unlike hair transplants, SMP is a non surgical procedure with instant results and almost zero downtime for recovery. SMP can also be completed after a hair transplant to further enhance the appearance of density on the scalp. Since hair cannot grow on scar lines, SMP is highly recommended to conceal the scar from an FUT or FUE hair transplant.
  • What are your health protocols?
    Your health and safety is of the utmost importance. • The studio is cleaned and sterilized after every client. • Needle cartridges and grips are single use. • There is a three stage air filtration system installed (activated carbon filter, true HEPA filter with plasma wave technology)​
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